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Starting iPhone & iPad development

March 13, 2012

A friend of mine requested a list of resources I used when starting to learn iOS development. I replied with a list of links that I thought might be useful to someone else out there! So, here’s a copy of that letter.

Dear friend,

My go to resource for learning iOS development would be two outstanding Internet forums, packed with useful information and helpful people:

  2.  (More general coding information)

The best online (free) free tutorial site I have found for iOS development:


Standford University released an entire course VIA iTunesU, this is excellent, it covers basics through to advanced. Each tutorial is around 1 hour long:

I find some of the video tutorials on YouTube very helpful, some recommendations include: (High School student, clear easy to follow explanations)

This book is an outstanding introduction to Objective-C :

The best two books as an introduction specifically to iOS development include:

  2. (Third Edition has not been printed yet, 2nd Edition does not account for updates to the SDK and iOS).