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Touch Learn Know – Weather & Seasons

September 5, 2012

Touch Learn Know – Weather & Seasons was released for the iPad today.

It’s a little side project I’ve been tinkering on over the past few months to give myself a break from the ‘Australian Wildflowers’ update (still in progress).

‘Touch Learn Know’ started out as a bit of a test of concept app (designed for classroom use) that I think turned out good enough for release.

Here’s the desciption:

Touch Learn Know – Weather & Seasons
How’s the weather today? Is it windy, rainy, sunny, cloudy, stormy or snowy? Which season is your favorite?

Write, listen, speak, draw, paint, discover and explore the wonderful world of weather and seasons through the exciting, interactive and educational Touch Learn Know – Weather & Seasons.

Designed by teachers to encourage the process of inquiry with an investigative and visual approach, children will love learning about weather/seasonal words, sounds and objects through a variety of richly educational activities and tools.

❄ Beautiful, fully interactive ‘season’ screens with buttons to take full control of the weather!
❄ Fun flashcard matching game to learn topic-based sight words and their correct pronunciation.
❄ Handwriting tool with clearly printed fonts to practice tracing/writing all of the words.
❄ Stunning drawing/painting tool to create your own seasonal artwork or choose from eight fantastic illustrations to color in.
❄ Completely child-friendly interface with simple navigation, clear large buttons and no advertising or links to external sites. Perfect for classroom use.
❄ Nostalgic and engaging ‘felt-board’ style design.

Perfect for all children learning to read, write and speak about the world around them!

Starting iPhone & iPad development

March 13, 2012

A friend of mine requested a list of resources I used when starting to learn iOS development. I replied with a list of links that I thought might be useful to someone else out there! So, here’s a copy of that letter.

Dear friend,

My go to resource for learning iOS development would be two outstanding Internet forums, packed with useful information and helpful people:

  2.  (More general coding information)

The best online (free) free tutorial site I have found for iOS development:


Standford University released an entire course VIA iTunesU, this is excellent, it covers basics through to advanced. Each tutorial is around 1 hour long:

I find some of the video tutorials on YouTube very helpful, some recommendations include: (High School student, clear easy to follow explanations)

This book is an outstanding introduction to Objective-C :

The best two books as an introduction specifically to iOS development include:

  2. (Third Edition has not been printed yet, 2nd Edition does not account for updates to the SDK and iOS).



View from Satomi Koen

December 24, 2011

View from Satomi Koen

Christmas memory 2007